Building a Better Future

What now? Can we build a better Future?

As we look around our communities, we see changes that may or may not be welcomed. Never in our wildest dreams did we envision a possibility that the world would shut down. Even when it did, we kept thinking it would only be for a few weeks, or on the outside may a few months, certainly not a year or more. What now? Will we ever get back to “normal”?

This world-wide pandemic was and is the most massive catalyst for change I have experienced in my lifetime. As we begin to assess the ways we have altered our way of doing things, maybe we can also suggest new and better ways of moving forward.

What was the norm prior to the pandemic was already experiencing a shift in many areas of our lives such as the way we shop, the way we communicate, the way we recreate, and what types of entertainment we enjoy. It seems as though the pandemic ignited the rocket ship that would transport us all to a “new normal”.  We have been carried along on this journey unwillingly for the most part, now what can we do with our current circumstances to create a future of joy and fulfillment?

I believe we can help each other find joy, we can magnify our opportunities to experience fulfillment, we can open the door for others to create a better “new normal”. But we must do it together. Together we were thrust into the most massive change the world has ever known, together we can make that become the common ground we needed in order to recognize our commonalities and begin to tolerate and even embrace our differences.

Let’s first discuss our most immediate area of influence; within the walls of our own homes. We have been inside these walls on a constant basis almost without relief for a year. What are some of the suggested starting points in and around our homes that we can begin to create a “new normal” for everyone in that home?

I’ll start this open conversation; let’s lighten the load and open our environment! Clean out all the old clothes, boxes of storage that have not been opened in the past year…get rid of them, organize our homes to be more efficient, clean out closets and drawers, CLEAN OUR HOMES. Once we have done that, we can lighten our environment by painting the walls a new color, fixing what is broken, and making our homes a place of peace and harmony in all ways. These are physical ways to create a more harmonious place to live. We have to start somewhere, let’s start there.

I am open for positive suggestions from everyone, remember, we can do this TOGETHER!

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